The long weekend’s (almost) here, and after turning my entire bathroom upside down, I’ve narrowed down my hefty packing to my favourite beach-side products that will actually fit inside of my overnighter bag. I love the dewey, fresh look (perfected by J.Crew photoshoots and doe-eyed models) that comes with summer, so I’ve put together some of my favourite natural, lightweight and sun-tested things. weekend_post

(Above: Korres Classical Charm of Athens blush in Peach, Kiehl’s Lip Treatment with SPF 15, Avène Hydrance Light Moisturizer, stila stay-all-day 10 in 1 HD Illuminating Beauty Balm, Clinique Lightweight Sunscreen, Korres Under the Sun of Santorini Cooling Gel, Mara Hoffman bikini, stila two-in-one Blush and Lip Balm, bumble & bumble Surf Spray.)

My top picks:


Under the Sun of Santorini – KORRES®
After Sun Yoghurt Cooling Gel with Real Yoghurt 
I used to not believe in sunscreen, after sun lotion, and aloe. Now, with just about every beauty blog and mag drilling the importance of prevention, fine, I’ve given in. And it’s not so bad. The second I brought this one home, I knew it was a keeper. The insanely yummy-smelling soothing gel has a rich, cooling texture and it’s just a bonus that it’s rich in lactose, proteins, minerals and vitamins. In my family – blame the European roots – it’s unusual to go without my parents avidly suggesting sour cream as an age-old tried-and-tested sunburn remedy (I kid you not, as unfortunate as that may be). Imagine my relief when I found this: it works with Greek yoghurt, which has the same properties as my family’s favourite old school sun relief methods, but with a fragrant smell and a chic tube you can proudly throw in your beach bag.

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 11.27.12 AM

bumble & bumble Surf Spray

As a runway staple for at least 8 years now, there’s a reason why this tiny bottle has stayed on my bathroom shelf since high school. Did you know your hair structure tends to change every 7 years? This spray boasts lightweight, salty texture and has been thoroughly tested (over and over and over and over) by just about every beauty insider. It lives up to the hype, and lasts forever.


Classical Charm of Athens- KORRES®
Zea Mays Blush 
Just because you’re on the beach, doesn’t mean you can’t sneak in a little bit of make-up into your all natural look, right? I’m a firm believer in the “I just threw this on and rolled out of bed” look – but that doesn’t mean that you can’t perfect it with a little bit of help. This apricot shade is perfect for a hint of colour that looks as if you got a perfect swipe of colour (from the sun, right?) in all the right places. (Don’t overdo it – it really does last all day.)

No. 164 Small Carry-All – Billykirk
Canvas Overnighter

I know, I know – it’s not practical to get a white travel bag. But even with some ‘travel bruises’, this bag just gets more character. It’s kind of like a pair of well worn in Keds – who wants a brand new looking weekender? Your bag should say: I travel often, and I do it looking chic as Jane Birkin.

There’s something so elementary, so fresh about the juxtaposition of structured, clean lines in monochrome, with a sleek white against black, a tailored cut, paired with a light and sheer silk. The way the fabric drapes, the angles that converge, the nuances of light and dark created by the shadows of a seam falling just the right way…is that an art in and of itself? An appeal against counterfeit labels and knock-off designs is, if nothing else, about the quality of the collection. Take a look, you’ll see what I mean.

Clean lines, sleek tailoring

Sheer and light x structured lines

Via the Sartorlialist

Saint Laurent Resort 2014 collection

Chloé Resort 2014 Collection


There’s something about Sundays that requires comfort food, fluffy blankets, and strong coffee. I’ve been compiling recipes to try out on those lazy days for a while now, but somehow things like laundry and island trips and shopping at Toronto’s Kensington market always distracts me. Finally, I’ve had some time to pick and choose my favourites, and I’ve even picked up the ingredients at the local market. This Sunday, I’m finally getting around to cooking all those things I’ve been pinning. What’s on the menu?


Home Made Honey Ice Cream


Red Velvet Waffles with Cream Cheese Drizzle – We had these when we visited Nashville a few months ago, and I am certain that they can’t be that hard to master….right?

Heirloom Tomato, Basil, and Feta Frittata. Sunday morning brunch perfection.


Berries are healthy…right?

Summer is here–finally. It’s been unseasonably wet, humid, muggy, and flooding, and it’s time to bust out the sunscreen (Kiehl’s), the shades (Ray-Ban), the beach blanket (Surf Saturdays), and the summer reading materials (currently: A Hologram for the King/Eggers). With the hot weather come some of summer’s best essentials

Nude pointy flats, think Jenni Kayne

Olfactive Studio x Gravitypope = minimalism at its best

Bonjour Tristesse, 1958, by Otto Preminger

Bright books to toss onto the book shelf

Light summer recipes in under 15 minutes. Perfection!

Lara Stone, in print

Pomegranate Pattern by Georgiana Paraschiv

Bright reading

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 2.59.44 PM

How to go to Coachella and not look like a hippie asshole.

Keep the florals to a minimum. Don’t give people seizures. Don’t even think about coloured Ray-Bans.

1. Any kind of Mara Hoffman bathing suit will get you through the festival, really

2. Karen Walker’s Helter Skelters, which have been sold out, like, everywhere. Sorry.

3. Kitsune x Aigle rainboots (available along with awesome soundtracks for your shopping pleasure at Kitsune)

4. Gladiator sandals ( buy em in bulk here)

5. Floral panel 5 cap ones (similar here)

6. Sleek black tote (no fringe, no Aztec pattern, no tie die) from Loeffler Randall

It’s fall. And that means a little more than rich shades of burgundies, and suede booties, and thickly knit scarves. It also means red wine, and re-organization, and hot cups of chai (pumpkin, vanilla, anything goes) latte. And cuddling up in bed. And red lipstick, with lots of black. And silks, and textures, and messy top knots. It means the cozy, comforting season is here–and so’s the time to pick up a great book, sleep in a little (just a little), and bust out the layers.

A deep, red lip for those mornings when sleeping in means makeup foregone

When Cab means one thing, and one thing only. And it has nothing to do with transportation, but staying right where you are.

Cozy, minimalist decor.


Comfort food. For those cold days and indulgement.

Fluffy, fresh sheets.

Deep shades of burgundy, greys, camels, and of course–blacks.

There are so many things about an outfit that strike you. The fold of cascading fabric, the way a leather-embossed accessory catches the light, the manner in which the individual encased within it moves. Then there’s the colours, the details, the finishing touches. There are so many people (the most hopeless pragmatist, my dad, amongst them) that don’t quite catch these nuances, who see design as a means to an end–but it’s much more than that, isn’t it? The Sartorialist had just released his new tribute to that world (The Satorialist: Closer), and it most definitely warrants a closer look.

It’s almost that time of year, and inspiration’s everywhere. My favourites are in the detail: the unexpectedly bright sock, the lace cuff, the textured contrast. With lace and leather transitioning from summer and combining with the heavier, wooly fabrics for fall, the contrast makes an insane impact. Try it out, I’ll totally vouch for it.


I’ve been travelling a lot on the weekends–and weeks, and weekdays–it seems, but my $10 beaten backpack hasn’t been able to cope with the multitude of travels I seem to unfairly throw its way. And as all growing up trends seem to indicate, you’re just not a serious class act without at least a classic weekender.

With the weekender, you want to keep it simple: leather is nearly always a must, but it has to be a little worn, to show for its globetrotting past. For lower budgets, skip the leather, but follow the rest of the rules: Simple colour scheme (grays, camels, blacks, browns), no crazy prints. Keep it classic. I prefer to keep it unisex–I’m a big fan of the tomboy weekender. It looks tough, and durable–like something Scott Schumann might own. Which means, you just can’t go wrong.


Wood and Frank–tan on tan on tan

Draught Dry GoodsHerschel with a sneaky sneaker nook