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I’ve always been envious of the perfectly-knotted silky creations of the Parisian women. These always look so effortlessly chic, as if an after-thought of a nonchalant morning ritual. Mine, in stark contrast, always resemble a sort of knotted noose or a horribly failed origami attempt. In a homage to the ever-graceful French mademoiselle, a discreet cheat sheet you can master for that perfect finishing touch, curated by the timeless (and very French) Hermès:


It seems that Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland aptly emphasized the importance of food and mystery cocktails in the life of a very curious Alice. It also seems that this coincides almost perfectly with my own love affair with culinary delights otherwise known as carbs, sugar, and everything else spicy, sweet or savory. I will also divulge a favourite hobby of mine, which is eating breakfast food for dinner, or pretty much any meal. So it should come as no surprise that the theme of the day is a constant yearning for some fatty, carby and most importantly, delicious breakfast food. Seeing as attaining this artisan treat at 3:40 in the afternoon is generally an impossibly infuriating task, I’ve found some recipes even I can pull off (probably..). A word of warning: addictions to food are a real thing (as Julia Child and a quarter of Americans will happily attest). Beware.

(via Eats Well With Others: Recipe: Poached Eggs in Tomato Sauce with Chickpeas, Feta and Swiss Chard…Eat.Live.Be)

(via Mini Flax Frittatas. | My Little Celebration)

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(via Breakfast Galette | Domestic Fits)

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via Land o’ Lakes Eggs Baked in Bread Bowls

And just in case you forget–always, always skip the parsley.

Bon Appétit!

In keeping with my recent obsession with everything European and (almost) undiscovered, I’ve spent my day swooning over these up-and-coming designers. Although I can only cyber window-shop, in my mind I’ve already integrated their dreamy designs into most of my existing closet; it works quite well.


via co|te

via co|te

via Teatum Jones

via Teatum Jones

Even though it’s dull and grey outside, the bloggosphere is full of dewey-faced models sporting the lightest frocks in the dreamiest colours. Sheer featherweight silks boast soft hues like lavender, pale blues and rosy pinks, and combined with the classically structured (think: blazer, trousers), this makes for one hell of a spring comeback. I can’t help but reminisce back to Stella McCartney’s airy yet flawlessly tailored Spring 2009 line, a picture of which is below (and a complete collection of which can be found on the ever-handy

Stella McCartney Spring 2009

Ah, perfection.

Moving on, H&M presents what looks like a chic and elegant 2012 spring line, featuring favourite wardrobe staples statement pieces (think: heavy jewlery) and last season’s colour-blocking (cue: geometric wedges in bright shades), but with a contrasting lighter feminine twist. Okay, enough preface–moving on to the good stuff. Voila:

And, to finish on a lighter note, a few other sweet treats:

Calvin Klein Spring 2012

Dior Spring 2012

Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2012

Mondays always seem to require some extra bold–coffee, outfits, moves. So here’s something I’ve been crushing on for a while, and have been slacking on adopting into my wardrobe thus far. Some bold yet effortlessly chic colour combinations from a company français that teems that je ne sais quoi you need for your Mondays. Their tailored silhouettes are feminine but bossy, and go extra great with those high heels you’ve been avoiding (because if any day calls for a little boost,  it is definitely Lundi). Here are my favourite looks:

via (

via (

via (

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via (

After some swift Googling, you can find your fix at Dalston Grey in Toronto on Dundas West.

It’s Friday and that means reading has become too laborious a chore for me, so in lieu of stringing sentences together in my under-caffinated mind, I’ve found some stellar editorials to get me through the day. Here’s one: it’s black and white, it’s Italian, and there’s a guy who slightly resembles Brad Pitt circa the Jenn An years. Enjoy!

Night Owls – Benicio Del Toro- By Bruce Weber – March 2002 L’uomo Vogue

and, for some more ease of viewership, I couldn’t resist posting this, even though it’s already a few days old:

Happy Friday!