A Major Lightweight

Even though it’s dull and grey outside, the bloggosphere is full of dewey-faced models sporting the lightest frocks in the dreamiest colours. Sheer featherweight silks boast soft hues like lavender, pale blues and rosy pinks, and combined with the classically structured (think: blazer, trousers), this makes for one hell of a spring comeback. I can’t help but reminisce back to Stella McCartney’s airy yet flawlessly tailored Spring 2009 line, a picture of which is below (and a complete collection of which can be found on the ever-handy style.com):

Stella McCartney Spring 2009

Ah, perfection.

Moving on, H&M presents what looks like a chic and elegant 2012 spring line, featuring favourite wardrobe staples statement pieces (think: heavy jewlery) and last season’s colour-blocking (cue: geometric wedges in bright shades), but with a contrasting lighter feminine twist. Okay, enough preface–moving on to the good stuff. Voila:

And, to finish on a lighter note, a few other sweet treats:

Calvin Klein Spring 2012

Dior Spring 2012

Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2012


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