Hot Air

It’s Friday and that means a few things: first, it means that I’m rocking a sweet gray jumper to work, and have given up on all things remotely restricting or slim-fitting. I piled on chunky jewellery to make it seem less like it was bought with a senior’s discount from the men’s department; it works quite well and created the illusion that a put a lot of thought into it. Friday also means that I have started jumbling up letters in most of my words so whatever you’re reading is very likely not actually what I intended to write. So. What can remedy this? If you’re thinking designer balloons, lots and lots of balloons, then yeah, let’s look at some balloons and get excited for the weekend/ jetting off to Miami in a mere few days (and entirely avoiding the fact that I have not started to, nor do I remotely plan to pack any time in the near future).

via Geronimo

via Geronimo

via Geronimo

via Geronimo


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