The Jungle Book

As usual, J.Crew’s new catalog doesn’t disappoint: plenty of dewy-faced doe-eyed models in the most fun shades of the season, all put together with their signature J. Lyons spunk. Hues of yellows, greens and pinks mix flawlessly, topped off by chunky accessories with quirky finishing touches (frog clasp? giraffe bangle, anyone?). With all these succulent shades, mix up some new arrivals from every department (adorable girly shoelaces, boys’ blazers, mens’ accessories) for a perfectly messy and fun touch on the classics. For an extra signature touch, cuff your sleeves the J. Crew way: roll up cuff once (to line up with the seam), and then push up your arm. Don’t make it look perfect, or you’ll ruin it! The messier, the better.


Fresh mango malta sandals!

Perfectly chic Sydney patent sandals

Lemon zest Sperries. Happy Easter hunting!

Daiquiri ice double-strand resin link frog necklace

A tall order: enameled giraffe bangle

What a gem!


Miansai® rope bracelet: A simple nautical touch for fun stacking

With lush luggage like this, you're almost guaranteed to travel more.



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