Pocket Change

I’ve recently been enjoying the freedoms of a purse-free weekend existence. There’s always the usual complaints: too large to bring to a bar, hassle to carry, ditched or stolen, ruined or the worst, clashes. Fittingly, my new hobby has become creating outfits that double as sartorially pleasing and cash/makeup/iPhone holding. Pockets, people. Pockets. Thankfully, the world is full of wonderful creations that look great while letting your hands roam free, double fist drinks, and wave like they just don’t care when that unexpected 90s song makes its way into the playlist. Hands rejoice! You’re free! As cautionary disclosure, however, I’ll share one thing I learned after endless and frustrating internet scouring: Marni doesn’t do pockets. So take this post with a grain of salt. As a (probably) wise woman once noted as I was trying on shoes several weeks ago (while agonizing over the heel height): if you’re comfortable, you don’t look good enough. Well played, lady. Well played.

J. Crew Luxe silk crepe blouse

Madewell colorband shiftdress

Carven skirt with pockets

Karen Walker V Neck Peplum Dress with (hidden!) pockets

Amanda Uprichard Pocket Dress

DVF dress with pocket (tastefully rare)

Worst comes to worst, you can always sport this Proenza beauty for all your handy needs


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