Spring Awakening

A fresh dose of inspiration, to celebrate the amazing weather we’ve been experiencing, and to preface Payday Thursday ( a little early, whatever) with a few key spring wardrobe items to lust after. And hey, I’m keeping them affordable, so treat yourself to one. (or all; the heart wants what it wants).

It would be wrong if I didn't start with some classic J. Crew

Bright! Flowy vs. tight! Free People! Everything is just so right.


Classic French label Le Mont St. Michel x classic American label Madewell (PLUS! white lace shorts!)

Sheer, pleated, lavender.

Aritzia loves pastels and flowy feminine fabrics nearly as much as I do

So yeah, Anthropologie x Eugenia Kim

Ok, I know, I know--these aren't cheap and they aren't even from the sale section at Neiman Marcus, but I had to sneak it in here. (Reed Krakoff via Neiman Marcus)


  1. Wow great inspiration! I love the green skirt paired with the striped top (Jcrew look). And the purse with the free people outfit is super cute! Thanks for sharing!

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