Office Supplies

We all have those emergencies at the office–be it a wardrobe malfunction or impromptu last-minute dinner plans. I always pride myself on being prepared for a spontaneous downpour or a whim for that post-office yoga class, but realistically I just keep so much crap in my car that the odds I won’t have what I need are fairly small. So, to celebrate my accidental umbrella that saved my morning being found against all odds under the passenger seat,  here are a few accessories to get you through every style emergency on the list.


Some cute--or discreet--bobby pins for those unannounced after work cocktails downtown

For all kinds of clothing disasters and discreet fix-ups

A pair of classic black pumps--here, J. Crew's classic Monas, are the perfect shoe. Not too round, not too pointy, not too high, they're perfect for any last-minute occasion or unannounced visit

And, alternatively, a comfy and sleek flat to get you through that day you decide to break in your new heels

Nailpolish in clear, red or a light pink, because you never know, right?

No shower, no problem. (Oscar Blandi dry shampoo, via Sephora)

Whether you're cold, accidentally broke the dress code and hope no one notices, or need to spruce up your outfit for a more casual post-work activity, this (Marc Jacobs Jacobsen Stripe) scarf has you covered.




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