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…and that means that my headphones are working harder than I am. I’ve also been shifting my musical focus, a little, in recent days–from folky indie bands to some pretty gangster tunes (blame Decoded). So here’s some Frank Ocean, ASAP Rocky, and wayback Biggie tunes, and Action Bronson, and the likes. But since I’m a preppy white girl who wears mostly nude hues and nautical stripes, let’s keep this on the D-L.



I’ve been searching for the perfect white tee for far too long. Too see-through, too tight, too thick, weird neckline–I just can never find one that’s just right. So today is dedicated to scouring the likes of Net-a-Porter, Polyvore and Shop Bop for the idyllic white v-neck. For a mere $96 you too can own the perfect ivory staple with a casual relaxed fit and the perfect fit sleeve. whitegirlproblems.


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I’m not sure at which point in my day I cruised over to Sandro, but here it is, open in my browser, waiting for me to pick my poison (a delicately crafted, stunningly chic French poison). I think I’ve begun to sleep-shop; so yeah, this might explain a lot.

Tara top via Sandro

Tonnerre top via Sandro

Tangible knit via Sandro

Etoffe tee via Sandro

Terminus tank via Sandro

CLÉO shirt via Sandro


I had my iPhone case picked out long before I got my phone, so I think it’s safe to say that dressing up your accessories is at least as fun as actually using them. I already have my DoDo case picked out, anyways, and it’s safe to say I won’t be getting an iPad anytime soon. So as my case is aging and taking the toll of drunken debacles and general clumsiness, I have been casually collecting some potential replacements (I’m sorry Ms. Spade!) that are cool enough to jazz up with any outfit. This is merely a fraction, but nonetheless, a sweet collection of graphic and witty designs.

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I’ve been neglecting the culture part of my blog, somewhat, at least, in favour of some sartorial indulgences that I’m sure also fall, at least somewhat, in the cultural realm. So because I’m already one foot out the door as I type this, and because meteorologists agree it’s a sunny beautiful day outside, I’ll post some of the things I’ve been burying myself into–that aren’t swabbed in polka dot wrapping paper or hide inside a glossy brand new shoebox.

I've always, always chosen books by name and/or by cover. Books that have a kin of an odd profession or subject are a flawless barometer of literary greatness.

I know, I know. Too late, I know.

I can never find this one in book stores, but I finally managed to snipe the last one from an impulse book outing two weeks ago. I also judge books by first paragraphs--if it's Anna Karenina-worthy, I'm sold

Double or Nothing, out next week at TriBeCa Film Fest

These. I need these. (Karen Walker via Summerland)

These, too, will suffice.

Kate Spade Weekender Bag for impromptu escapes

Chic sun protection (via Ban Do)

For sand-castle building accessories and other beach necessities (pocket backpack by Yue)