Mad about hatters

It’s summer–or so the forecast insists. Lots of sun means the cardinal rules that I without fail never follow: water (Coronoa), SPF (pffft) and headgear (never works). However, inspired by the chic selection of headgear on some sartorial blogs, I am making an attempt to adhere to Granace’s constantly repeated (and repeated, and repeated) rules of sun time. Because she’s French, and therefore an expert. So here are a few chic and not so geeky attempts at headgear I will be rocking this sunny season.

This look is pristine and keeps the sun out of your biz (and curls–a serious plus). via Honestly WTF

Okay, so I won’t be trying this one out anytime soon, but I think it’s a cool one to try if you think you can rock the full out turban without looking like a fortune teller (this girl’s got it down pat) via Sartorialist

This looks like Suzie Bubble, but I’m not so sure. Either way, gotta respect a girl who rocks a printed, bright coloured cap. Serious swag via Honestly WTF

Great for summer, fall, or just about any season–and works even better when sprinting in windy locales. via Sartorialist

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  1. Wow, I love these pictures! Definetly makes me want to try to rock the turban look. May try with some of the simpler bandana style wraps first though!

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