Sweet Escape

It’s the long weekend in two days and despite the fact that I completely forgot/had no idea to begin with, I’m furiously trying to get away in any possible form. Although I haven’t booked anything yet (there’s time, right?), I thought I’d spend some more time not figuring out what to do this weekend and figuring out what to bring; I’m optimistic, still. I always find that packing posts glorify what we tend to bring on vacations. What is it about artisan backpacks and trendy products that seems to make getaways a fashionable endeavor rather than an escape from civilization (where you can sport your cut-offs with a horribly run-down men’s sweatshirt)? I haven’t figured it out, but until I do, I’m going to go ahead and perpetuate this.

not quite a bindle, but great and compact for impromptu (is there any other kind?) getaways

PTR moisturizer and SPF combo that’s light and fresh-smelling

Bumble and bumble is a travelling staple

cozy sweater since warm things are always mysteriously left out of my packing list

fun and easy to follow recipes for rustic cottage staples

easy breezy beer-‘n-sun playlist


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