Skull that hype

While everyone else is scrambling to buy Coachella tickets for next year’s ridiculously preemptively slotted dates, I’m going to blog about skulls. I’ve been resisting this for quite a while, but the whole skull thing has grown on me. It began subconsciously, I suppose, with all the McQueen paraphernalia, though I was still trying to suppress it at that point.  Then came those clear vodka bottles, the Urban Outfitters desk-toppers, and the rest of it. But the thing that really got me was a recent post by miss Doré, that juxtaposes subtle feminine chic with a tasteful rock ‘n’ roll edginess. So fine, I listen to A$AP Rocky, and now I am crossing over into Kurt Cobain territory. Identity crisis noted; but the heart wants what it wants. (It should be noted that I’ve been heavily resisting any explicit marketing techniques and magazine features that aim to convince me of my life’s inherit emptiness without the season’s five hottest skulled items. But here you go, it somehow happened anyways.)


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