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Hey, it’s the end of June, and what better way to celebrate than a cottage-bound long weekend roadtrip? I’m exhausted, as is my computer, which is huffing and puffing heavily (a sure sign it’s on its last breath); so I think we need to separate for a little, and reboot. And naturally, I haven’t packed or prepped anything–though to my credit, the beer is already cooling in the fridge. So a few dreamy, breezy accessories, a few versatile shoe choices, and I’m signing off. I’m a pretty light packer, but in my mind I have a never-ending list of what I’d bring for a weekend of fireworks and Coronas. Happy Friday–and happy Windows shopping.

I was never a huge A.D. fan, but her distinctly utilitarian aesthetic is slowly winning me over.

Can you guess? Neither can anyone else.

OLT. Always felt books were the perfect accessory.

I once saw a scarf almost like this, in bright red, in a Monmarte boutique in Paris. I let a (male!) friend talk me out of buying it, but I still regret it to this day..


I've long been crushing on the dreamy style of Bey's dj-slash-style icon-slash-insanely cool sister, Solange. With a wardrobe consisting of bold colours, eclectic prints and a red shade of mystery lipstick I've been trying to enulate (so far the Armani comes pretty close), this girl is definitely giving the under-30 crowd a run for their money. She chats with Grance Dore, gets the coveted 30-under-30 spot from Refinery29, and chills with Hova on a regular basis. Is there more? Probably. But there's no need to continue. Pictures from Refinery29, Garance Dore, and C&D

It’s a bit too hot out for any kind of inspiration–except for maybe a special kind that’s rightfully served on the rocks. Here are some things that have been getting me through this heat wave; you’ll find the usual suspects: sweet jams, easy grub and a few up-and-coming designers in the mix. Doesn’t get much cooler than some Frank Ocean when you’re stranded no where near one.

I’ve long been a fan of the Korres label. My crush on the Greek cosmetic brand started with their minimalist aesthetic and eye-catching designs–and continued when I got a hold of their mascara and accidentally bought the blue instead of the black. Surprisingly, the blue didn’t channel my younger Crayloa-as-makeup days and created instead a discreet and pleasant blue tint that’s only subtly detected in the light. I also have this awful and unfounded fear that all my lashes will fall out if I use too much mascara–something that my grandma was sure to instill in me in my early makeup wearing days. So this formula has been working well for me: it has conditioning (and natural!) ingredients that make me feel like I am doing good for my lashes (a rarity), and it doubles as a discreet pigment I can wear to the gym while still looking pretty natural (but definitely a few notches more put together). Then I suckered my friend into buying the lip butter (whoever designs those things needs a serious raise), and slowly began to manically accumulate all Korres everything. I then stopped by their chic boutique in the Athens airport last summer, which made for some good lat-minute souvenirs and an even better use of my last Euros (fine, I also bought some other things. It’s not ethical to have artisan bakeries IN an airport). So, not surprisingly, the Olympus gods must have heard my constant raving (or seen the amount of times I’ve visited their site) and sent me an amazing goody bag of  loot; thanks for maintaining my addiction, Korres. This surely must be among the healthier ones..

Love their interactive videos–which feature the owners and creative individuals behind the brand.

The perfect blend of sheer and colour-rich, and so perfect for summer: Pomegranate lip butter

Definitely my favourite mascara so far: doesn’t do the whole chunky act, no matter how many layers you lay on.

Classic. Colour block. Twist! A summery colourful take on the chic Audrey-inspired weekend attire. Karen Walker’s Helter Skelter spec, loose boy-cut shirt, bright pants–all kinds of yes. But no pearls–too Betty Draper…if there is such a thing.

White, boy-cut shirt. The crisper, the better.

How long have I been lusting after these? Suffices to say it’s been a while. Which means they’re a classic.

Classic tailoring, colour twist.

The perfect (or at least equal to Jack Purcel’s version) navy sneaker

The only shade I wear these days: First Dance by Essie

Second time feature I think, but a wishlist staple.