Scents and Sensibility

So this is a cool experiment:  Chandler Burr (curator of The Department of Olfactory Art at New York’s Museum of Arts and Design and the scent editor for GQ) is experimenting with your olfactory senses by launching this new thing called OpenSky. He’s reduced the never-ending scent search (the worst) to the bare minimum by distilling only the actual smell of the product in a few vague descriptors. No brand name, no sultry James Franco, no marketing gimmicks. I think that’s a pretty cool idea, especially for someone like me, who has just about the worst time picking out a scent I won’t get bored of. And the bottles are the real selling point for me, anyways. So this might be good…except it’s already sold out.

Oh, also: here are some perfumes I’ve never ever smelled before, but look like they might be unreal based on absolutely nothing at all (except the design):

Clean provence

SMN Rose Water

L’Artisan Parfumeur La Chasse aux Papillons



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