Monthly Archives: September 2012

It’s fall. And that means a little more than rich shades of burgundies, and suede booties, and thickly knit scarves. It also means red wine, and re-organization, and hot cups of chai (pumpkin, vanilla, anything goes) latte. And cuddling up in bed. And red lipstick, with lots of black. And silks, and textures, and messy top knots. It means the cozy, comforting season is here–and so’s the time to pick up a great book, sleep in a little (just a little), and bust out the layers.

A deep, red lip for those mornings when sleeping in means makeup foregone

When Cab means one thing, and one thing only. And it has nothing to do with transportation, but staying right where you are.

Cozy, minimalist decor.


Comfort food. For those cold days and indulgement.

Fluffy, fresh sheets.

Deep shades of burgundy, greys, camels, and of course–blacks.


There are so many things about an outfit that strike you. The fold of cascading fabric, the way a leather-embossed accessory catches the light, the manner in which the individual encased within it moves. Then there’s the colours, the details, the finishing touches. There are so many people (the most hopeless pragmatist, my dad, amongst them) that don’t quite catch these nuances, who see design as a means to an end–but it’s much more than that, isn’t it? The Sartorialist had just released his new tribute to that world (The Satorialist: Closer), and it most definitely warrants a closer look.