Summer is here–finally. It’s been unseasonably wet, humid, muggy, and flooding, and it’s time to bust out the sunscreen (Kiehl’s), the shades (Ray-Ban), the beach blanket (Surf Saturdays), and the summer reading materials (currently: A Hologram for the King/Eggers). With the hot weather come some of summer’s best essentials

Nude pointy flats, think Jenni Kayne

Olfactive Studio x Gravitypope = minimalism at its best

Bonjour Tristesse, 1958, by Otto Preminger

Bright books to toss onto the book shelf

Light summer recipes in under 15 minutes. Perfection!

Lara Stone, in print

Pomegranate Pattern by Georgiana Paraschiv

Bright reading


There are so many things about an outfit that strike you. The fold of cascading fabric, the way a leather-embossed accessory catches the light, the manner in which the individual encased within it moves. Then there’s the colours, the details, the finishing touches. There are so many people (the most hopeless pragmatist, my dad, amongst them) that don’t quite catch these nuances, who see design as a means to an end–but it’s much more than that, isn’t it? The Sartorialist had just released his new tribute to that world (The Satorialist: Closer), and it most definitely warrants a closer look.

Hey, it’s the end of June, and what better way to celebrate than a cottage-bound long weekend roadtrip? I’m exhausted, as is my computer, which is huffing and puffing heavily (a sure sign it’s on its last breath); so I think we need to separate for a little, and reboot. And naturally, I haven’t packed or prepped anything–though to my credit, the beer is already cooling in the fridge. So a few dreamy, breezy accessories, a few versatile shoe choices, and I’m signing off. I’m a pretty light packer, but in my mind I have a never-ending list of what I’d bring for a weekend of fireworks and Coronas. Happy Friday–and happy Windows shopping.

I was never a huge A.D. fan, but her distinctly utilitarian aesthetic is slowly winning me over.

Can you guess? Neither can anyone else.

OLT. Always felt books were the perfect accessory.

I once saw a scarf almost like this, in bright red, in a Monmarte boutique in Paris. I let a (male!) friend talk me out of buying it, but I still regret it to this day..

Did you know that the epigraph in The Great Gatsby is entirely made up? With the prolific recently-released trailer and the opulence for which Luhrmann is known, I’ve decided to re-read the Classic just in time for the release of the film (or, 5 months prior, whatever). I figured if I can capture a better sense of the lavishness exuded in Fitzgerald’s work, I can better understand the film as a work of brilliant re-interpretation or merely an upscale Entourage outtake. So in theme, I’ll be heading to check out the opulent ROM party in Toronto tonight (DJs, drinks and dinasours surrounded by marble columns and pristine display cases), and spend tomorrow getting into the Gatsby. Here’s a visual journal of what my weekend will look like–save for the occasional tight ‘n bright party that’s neither here nor there…unless Gatsby threw those, too.

A little while ago I posted some of my most anticipated soon-to-be-released Rizzoli books (here). I posted about a book called Tomboy Style, though I’ve never been one to rock the preppy boycut look myself. What I found interesting was the research and objective of this project, which spans decades and continents and fuses a global style understanding that’s rooted in a few loosely cut basics. Weaving together a historical narrative, a timeless trend and a stylistic understanding of women’s fashion, Lizzie Garret Mettler provides a comprehensive understanding of why you should care about boyfriend jeans and loafers. Here’s a vid of her talking a little bit about the book–and though some parts are a little less relevant, as a whole it’s a pretty nicely wrapped up project. (Look out for another post on this when I actually, you know, read it)