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Classic. Colour block. Twist! A summery colourful take on the chic Audrey-inspired weekend attire. Karen Walker’s Helter Skelter spec, loose boy-cut shirt, bright pants–all kinds of yes. But no pearls–too Betty Draper…if there is such a thing.

White, boy-cut shirt. The crisper, the better.

How long have I been lusting after these? Suffices to say it’s been a while. Which means they’re a classic.

Classic tailoring, colour twist.

The perfect (or at least equal to Jack Purcel’s version) navy sneaker

The only shade I wear these days: First Dance by Essie

Second time feature I think, but a wishlist staple.


I’m gonna do a little experiment here.  I’m not going to put up the names of the things I have here, and we’ll see if you can guess the source. Another reason for this is because these images are for inspiration, rather than direct copying, one for one. They’re little hints of what I find amazing in an outfit, a shoe, a look–but the point is that they can be re-created without the actual brands in these pictures. Because when you have all the given info, where’s the fun of styling?

Whatever Mickey Drexler is doing, he’s doing it well. J. Crew’s latest campaign takes place in the exotic terrains of Indonesia, saturated with bright-hued threads, perfectly-tailored pants and accessories that put your regular exotic trinkets to shame. Mandatory note on cultural appropriation, Orientalism, imperialist framework etc. (thanks, four long years of Development Studies!) aside,  I think you just can’t help but appreciate the amazing artistic nature of these shots. So, academic pretension aside, J. Crew did pretty good.

via J. Crew

via J. Crew

via J. Crew

via J. Crew