new designers

Summer is here–finally. It’s been unseasonably wet, humid, muggy, and flooding, and it’s time to bust out the sunscreen (Kiehl’s), the shades (Ray-Ban), the beach blanket (Surf Saturdays), and the summer reading materials (currently: A Hologram for the King/Eggers). With the hot weather come some of summer’s best essentials

Nude pointy flats, think Jenni Kayne

Olfactive Studio x Gravitypope = minimalism at its best

Bonjour Tristesse, 1958, by Otto Preminger

Bright books to toss onto the book shelf

Light summer recipes in under 15 minutes. Perfection!

Lara Stone, in print

Pomegranate Pattern by Georgiana Paraschiv

Bright reading


It’s a bit too hot out for any kind of inspiration–except for maybe a special kind that’s rightfully served on the rocks. Here are some things that have been getting me through this heat wave; you’ll find the usual suspects: sweet jams, easy grub and a few up-and-coming designers in the mix. Doesn’t get much cooler than some Frank Ocean when you’re stranded no where near one.