Summer is here–finally. It’s been unseasonably wet, humid, muggy, and flooding, and it’s time to bust out the sunscreen (Kiehl’s), the shades (Ray-Ban), the beach blanket (Surf Saturdays), and the summer reading materials (currently: A Hologram for the King/Eggers). With the hot weather come some of summer’s best essentials

Nude pointy flats, think Jenni Kayne

Olfactive Studio x Gravitypope = minimalism at its best

Bonjour Tristesse, 1958, by Otto Preminger

Bright books to toss onto the book shelf

Light summer recipes in under 15 minutes. Perfection!

Lara Stone, in print

Pomegranate Pattern by Georgiana Paraschiv

Bright reading


Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 2.59.44 PM

How to go to Coachella and not look like a hippie asshole.

Keep the florals to a minimum. Don’t give people seizures. Don’t even think about coloured Ray-Bans.

1. Any kind of Mara Hoffman bathing suit will get you through the festival, really

2. Karen Walker’s Helter Skelters, which have been sold out, like, everywhere. Sorry.

3. Kitsune x Aigle rainboots (available along with awesome soundtracks for your shopping pleasure at Kitsune)

4. Gladiator sandals ( buy em in bulk here)

5. Floral panel 5 cap ones (similar here)

6. Sleek black tote (no fringe, no Aztec pattern, no tie die) from Loeffler Randall

It’s almost that time of year, and inspiration’s everywhere. My favourites are in the detail: the unexpectedly bright sock, the lace cuff, the textured contrast. With lace and leather transitioning from summer and combining with the heavier, wooly fabrics for fall, the contrast makes an insane impact. Try it out, I’ll totally vouch for it.


Hey, it’s the end of June, and what better way to celebrate than a cottage-bound long weekend roadtrip? I’m exhausted, as is my computer, which is huffing and puffing heavily (a sure sign it’s on its last breath); so I think we need to separate for a little, and reboot. And naturally, I haven’t packed or prepped anything–though to my credit, the beer is already cooling in the fridge. So a few dreamy, breezy accessories, a few versatile shoe choices, and I’m signing off. I’m a pretty light packer, but in my mind I have a never-ending list of what I’d bring for a weekend of fireworks and Coronas. Happy Friday–and happy Windows shopping.

I was never a huge A.D. fan, but her distinctly utilitarian aesthetic is slowly winning me over.

Can you guess? Neither can anyone else.

OLT. Always felt books were the perfect accessory.

I once saw a scarf almost like this, in bright red, in a Monmarte boutique in Paris. I let a (male!) friend talk me out of buying it, but I still regret it to this day..

Classic. Colour block. Twist! A summery colourful take on the chic Audrey-inspired weekend attire. Karen Walker’s Helter Skelter spec, loose boy-cut shirt, bright pants–all kinds of yes. But no pearls–too Betty Draper…if there is such a thing.

White, boy-cut shirt. The crisper, the better.

How long have I been lusting after these? Suffices to say it’s been a while. Which means they’re a classic.

Classic tailoring, colour twist.

The perfect (or at least equal to Jack Purcel’s version) navy sneaker

The only shade I wear these days: First Dance by Essie

Second time feature I think, but a wishlist staple.

It’s finally sunny out, and between busting out the SPF (okay, I lied–I never actually remember to put it on) and moisturizing like crazy (this is true), I still somehow managed to get a pretty golden hue out there. And you know what goes great with a tan? Cynthia Vincent. Her latest collection is the ideal fusion of bright shades, pops of colour and perfectly shaped garments that make you want to hang out on a beach in Maui. Or Barcelona. Or just anywhere.

I’m gonna do a little experiment here.  I’m not going to put up the names of the things I have here, and we’ll see if you can guess the source. Another reason for this is because these images are for inspiration, rather than direct copying, one for one. They’re little hints of what I find amazing in an outfit, a shoe, a look–but the point is that they can be re-created without the actual brands in these pictures. Because when you have all the given info, where’s the fun of styling?