Summer is here–finally. It’s been unseasonably wet, humid, muggy, and flooding, and it’s time to bust out the sunscreen (Kiehl’s), the shades (Ray-Ban), the beach blanket (Surf Saturdays), and the summer reading materials (currently: A Hologram for the King/Eggers). With the hot weather come some of summer’s best essentials

Nude pointy flats, think Jenni Kayne

Olfactive Studio x Gravitypope = minimalism at its best

Bonjour Tristesse, 1958, by Otto Preminger

Bright books to toss onto the book shelf

Light summer recipes in under 15 minutes. Perfection!

Lara Stone, in print

Pomegranate Pattern by Georgiana Paraschiv

Bright reading


Fancy swims

Caffeine in fancy form

Fancy swimming gear

Fancy sports swag: Mets x CFDA

I've long been crushing on the dreamy style of Bey's dj-slash-style icon-slash-insanely cool sister, Solange. With a wardrobe consisting of bold colours, eclectic prints and a red shade of mystery lipstick I've been trying to enulate (so far the Armani comes pretty close), this girl is definitely giving the under-30 crowd a run for their money. She chats with Grance Dore, gets the coveted 30-under-30 spot from Refinery29, and chills with Hova on a regular basis. Is there more? Probably. But there's no need to continue. Pictures from Refinery29, Garance Dore, and C&D

I’m gonna do a little experiment here.  I’m not going to put up the names of the things I have here, and we’ll see if you can guess the source. Another reason for this is because these images are for inspiration, rather than direct copying, one for one. They’re little hints of what I find amazing in an outfit, a shoe, a look–but the point is that they can be re-created without the actual brands in these pictures. Because when you have all the given info, where’s the fun of styling?

Five seasons deep, Mad Men still seems to be taking over the media (ok, so mostly just GQ, but still). And recently, real marketing firms seem to be stepping it up with a plethora of simplistic designs and witty slogans, along with their share of eye-catching artisan products. Here are a few I have been crushing on–starting with one with the best jawline.

D. Draper

Royal Tennenbaum chic

Menosunocerouno keeping it dope

Kitsune’s mix of culture and marketing is about as organic as it gets when it comes to consumer interaction

Feel a little bit like Don Draper when you sip

Berkely London brilliance

Seemed topical–plus the aesthetic’s pretty unreal

Few things better than a sick concert poster