There’s something about Sundays that requires comfort food, fluffy blankets, and strong coffee. I’ve been compiling recipes to try out on those lazy days for a while now, but somehow things like laundry and island trips and shopping at Toronto’s Kensington market always distracts me. Finally, I’ve had some time to pick and choose my favourites, and I’ve even picked up the ingredients at the local market. This Sunday, I’m finally getting around to cooking all those things I’ve been pinning. What’s on the menu?


Home Made Honey Ice Cream


Red Velvet Waffles with Cream Cheese Drizzle – We had these when we visited Nashville a few months ago, and I am certain that they can’t be that hard to master….right?

Heirloom Tomato, Basil, and Feta Frittata. Sunday morning brunch perfection.


Berries are healthy…right?


It’s fall. And that means a little more than rich shades of burgundies, and suede booties, and thickly knit scarves. It also means red wine, and re-organization, and hot cups of chai (pumpkin, vanilla, anything goes) latte. And cuddling up in bed. And red lipstick, with lots of black. And silks, and textures, and messy top knots. It means the cozy, comforting season is here–and so’s the time to pick up a great book, sleep in a little (just a little), and bust out the layers.

A deep, red lip for those mornings when sleeping in means makeup foregone

When Cab means one thing, and one thing only. And it has nothing to do with transportation, but staying right where you are.

Cozy, minimalist decor.


Comfort food. For those cold days and indulgement.

Fluffy, fresh sheets.

Deep shades of burgundy, greys, camels, and of course–blacks.

I've long been crushing on the dreamy style of Bey's dj-slash-style icon-slash-insanely cool sister, Solange. With a wardrobe consisting of bold colours, eclectic prints and a red shade of mystery lipstick I've been trying to enulate (so far the Armani comes pretty close), this girl is definitely giving the under-30 crowd a run for their money. She chats with Grance Dore, gets the coveted 30-under-30 spot from Refinery29, and chills with Hova on a regular basis. Is there more? Probably. But there's no need to continue. Pictures from Refinery29, Garance Dore, and C&D

It’s finally sunny out, and between busting out the SPF (okay, I lied–I never actually remember to put it on) and moisturizing like crazy (this is true), I still somehow managed to get a pretty golden hue out there. And you know what goes great with a tan? Cynthia Vincent. Her latest collection is the ideal fusion of bright shades, pops of colour and perfectly shaped garments that make you want to hang out on a beach in Maui. Or Barcelona. Or just anywhere.

This week has been turned upside down for me by a barrage of unforeseen circumstances, and forced me to re-imagine quite a bit of what I’ve been getting comfortable with. So right now I’m just going with the flow and getting inspired by some innovative things going on globally. A clever ad, a dreamy installation, a witty project. There’s a lot out there, and you stumble upon it all quite by accident. So enjoy the accidents; they probably lead somewhere, eventually. One of the things I’ve found interesting is a new enigma of an app (or a site? social media? not quite sure yet) called Wander*. It doesn’t really explain what it is, but prompts you to sign up before someone snatches up your username (naturally I’m quite susceptible to this kind of pressure). It asks you a question, but you’re not sure what happens with your answer or why you’re answering in the first place. It’s a pretty cool concept or a weird trust exercise. Either way, I’m pretty down.

Karen Richter/ Mepmphis School

Bubblegum installation / Merijn Hos & Renée Reijnders


40 years of marketing