There are so many things about an outfit that strike you. The fold of cascading fabric, the way a leather-embossed accessory catches the light, the manner in which the individual encased within it moves. Then there’s the colours, the details, the finishing touches. There are so many people (the most hopeless pragmatist, my dad, amongst them) that don’t quite catch these nuances, who see design as a means to an end–but it’s much more than that, isn’t it? The Sartorialist had just released his new tribute to that world (The Satorialist: Closer), and it most definitely warrants a closer look.


It’s almost that time of year, and inspiration’s everywhere. My favourites are in the detail: the unexpectedly bright sock, the lace cuff, the textured contrast. With lace and leather transitioning from summer and combining with the heavier, wooly fabrics for fall, the contrast makes an insane impact. Try it out, I’ll totally vouch for it.


I’ve been travelling a lot on the weekends–and weeks, and weekdays–it seems, but my $10 beaten backpack hasn’t been able to cope with the multitude of travels I seem to unfairly throw its way. And as all growing up trends seem to indicate, you’re just not a serious class act without at least a classic weekender.

With the weekender, you want to keep it simple: leather is nearly always a must, but it has to be a little worn, to show for its globetrotting past. For lower budgets, skip the leather, but follow the rest of the rules: Simple colour scheme (grays, camels, blacks, browns), no crazy prints. Keep it classic. I prefer to keep it unisex–I’m a big fan of the tomboy weekender. It looks tough, and durable–like something Scott Schumann might own. Which means, you just can’t go wrong.


Wood and Frank–tan on tan on tan

Draught Dry GoodsHerschel with a sneaky sneaker nook

Hey, it’s the end of June, and what better way to celebrate than a cottage-bound long weekend roadtrip? I’m exhausted, as is my computer, which is huffing and puffing heavily (a sure sign it’s on its last breath); so I think we need to separate for a little, and reboot. And naturally, I haven’t packed or prepped anything–though to my credit, the beer is already cooling in the fridge. So a few dreamy, breezy accessories, a few versatile shoe choices, and I’m signing off. I’m a pretty light packer, but in my mind I have a never-ending list of what I’d bring for a weekend of fireworks and Coronas. Happy Friday–and happy Windows shopping.

I was never a huge A.D. fan, but her distinctly utilitarian aesthetic is slowly winning me over.

Can you guess? Neither can anyone else.

OLT. Always felt books were the perfect accessory.

I once saw a scarf almost like this, in bright red, in a Monmarte boutique in Paris. I let a (male!) friend talk me out of buying it, but I still regret it to this day..